Ecosike strives to bring awareness to all of the concepts and philosophy’s that make up Ecopsychology; specifically, environmental awareness, ecology, mental health, personal development, and societal advancement, among many others ideals.

Though the professionally recognized field Ecopychology has only been around for approximately 20 years (Theodore Roszak is credited with coining the term in his 1992 book, The Voice of the Earth), indigenous civilizations throughout the world have been developing and practicing ‘Ecopsychology’, in its broadest sense, for tens of thousands of years.  The urban squall and unsustainable economy that has plagued the past century, over 100 years of continual ‘advancement’, has pushed our globally connected society beyond the tipping point.  Ecosike.com will be reporting on this new era and encouraging others to join in the conversation with comments, posts of your own, and community.

Local support, knowing that there are others who have similar viewpoints and feelings about the environment, is key to continually develop and progress ‘the green movement’.   Ecosike is going green, sike, were going beyond green, beyond money, since there is still rampant pollution and environmental degradation, we must go beyond previous attempts to cure our cultures unsustainable, and sick ways.  With Ecopsychology as a jumping off point, we all need to motivate each other, and jump into action for the sake of our physical planet, Earth, our psychological existence, our brains, and all life forms.

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